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Whitelooks Group furnishes thorough compositional planning incorporated with cutting edge structural, plumbing, electrical, lighting, mechanization and aesthetic designing required to acknowledge contemporary spaces.The firm takes a task directly from conceptualization to the finishing stage considering the client's needs, site conditions, construction laws, maintainability and expenses at each progression while continually searching for fresher opportunities for more noteworthy outcomes. We accept each venture as a chance to make novel client encounters.

Living Room


Whitelooks Group provides interior design facilities comprehensive of all necessary designing administrations. With a committed group of designers, architects, artists and product developers who are continually going  through exploration and prototyping of products, surfaces and frameworks, the firm delivers innovative planned spaces for a wide range of client needs. The firm additionally has a settled worldwide sourcing system to consolidate easily any product from any nation that the client may so want.

Designed Backyard


Our landscape designs are deeply established in a thorough comprehension of site and its setting, which are created related to the customer to make spaces that have positive effect. 

A quickly globalized world uncovers numerous opportunities for the calling to rethink the customary instruments of scene plan so as to make places with neighborhood subtlety. Plan Cell is a finished arrangement supplier with a creative viewpoint, which gives each undertaking an ageless worth. Issues of natural and biological concern and sustainability structure a characteristic piece of our methodology.



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Our firm offers different types of assistance in all typologies as required. Situated in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi, our design studio contains Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Industry professionals.


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We aim in changing your home into an extraordinary living encounter. We specialize in residential, commercial architecture and interior design, giving an ideal mix of style, extravagance and solace to your home that suits your taste and way of life.


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Due to our various partnerships with industry pioneers, we also provide services like sale, purchase, renting, collaborations, construction  services for properties. We have a team of talented real estate agents, who are backed by years of experience.